The POWER Institute



The POWER Institute

Law Enforcement Research and Public Service

The POWER Institute focuses on research related to Police Officer Wellness, Ethics, and Resilience. Through our scholarly work, we promote the perspective that healthy officers are resilient and morally strong. These three interconnected pillars of wellness, ethics, and resilience form the foundation of effective policing and exceptional law enforcement agencies.

Even though the POWER Institute was only recently founded, our team of experts and collaborators has been quite prolific in promoting law enforcement health, resilience, and wellness in the law enforcement and scientific communities. In addition, we have well established research collaborations with multiple law enforcement agencies in the US, Canada, and Europe, and our research outcomes have been hosted by major scholarly journals as well as national and international law enforcement magazines and conferences.

Our mission is to help law enforcement officers and their families find ways to thrive despite the myriad of ongoing challenges they face. In addition, our work informs law enforcement agencies and facilitates police executives’ efforts to create a culture of wellness.

Furthermore, the POWER Institute research priorities are to explore the following phenomena in law enforcement:

  • Compassion fatigue & compassion satisfaction;
  • Moral injury, moral distress, and overall moral risks;
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
  • Stress: personal, organizational, operational;
  • Overall police trauma;
  • Loss, grief, and suicide in law enforcoement;
  • Optimal job performance;
  • Wellness and resilience promotion;
  • Preventative interventions;
  • Law enforcement families


The Power Journal

We will soon launch The POWER Journal, which will be an open-access scholarly journal available for everyone. It will publish peer-reviewed academic and professional articles on all topics related to each of the POWER pillars.


The POWER Project

The POWER Institute has established a training and consultation counterpart, the POWER Project, a non-profit organization, located in San Diego, California, that provides consultation, training, quality controls, and wellness, ethics, & resilience certificates to law enforcement agencies.